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Napier‘s take on the world of B2B marketing and PR, with a particular focus on Europe. For more information about Napier and the services we offer B2B technology clients visit

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Interview with Clive Over, Silicon Valley Marketing Expert

Tuesday Dec 17, 2019

In this episode, Mike talks to Clive Over, a veteran Silicon Valley marketer who has recently joined the Napier team. Clive discusses His career in Silicon Valley The reasons why he has decided to join Napier and move back to the UK The differences between marketing in Europe and the USA What makes a great agency in B2B technology The future of the B2B Tech trade press If you want to contact Clive, you can reach him on email or via LinkedIn.

B2B Marketing Trends October 2019

Tuesday Oct 29, 2019

In this episode, Hannah and Mike discuss the latest marketing news and trends, including: Some good news about the financial performance of the B2B publishing companies in Europe The implication of layoffs at Aspencore, the largest global publisher of titles for the electronics design industry News from Inbound 2019 about the growth of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Other ideas from Inbound 2019, including LinkedIn tips and sales emails as part of marketing nurturing workflows There are slides to accompany this podcast - you can view them at A video of this episode is available here: You can also access the transcript for this episode on our blog:    

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