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Tuesday May 23, 2023

As one of the world's largest markets, China presents an excellent opportunity for many businesses. But how should you approach marketing to the region? Domenica Di Lieto, CEO of leading Chinese marketing consultancy Emerging Comms, shares her experience and advice on growing businesses in China.From choosing the correct channels to the importance of localisation, Domenica provides an overview of the differences marketers should consider when working with the Chinese market.

Thursday May 11, 2023

Haralds Gabrans Zukovs, Head of Marketing at Credolab, explains how through understanding how individuals use their smart devices, marketing teams can create campaigns optimised towards personality traits. He also describes how the additional insight can enhance marketing personas.  Haralds and Mike also discuss machine learning and AI, their impacts, benefits, and limitations.

Thursday May 04, 2023

When it comes to marketing automation platforms, the choices can seem endless. Jeff Day, Senior VP of Marketing at Act-On, discusses the key considerations mid-market marketing teams should consider when selecting a platform.
He explains the buyer journey, what customers need at each stage and how to create automated programs that encourage a buying decision.
Find out how to use data to identify what is engaging customers and inform where you send them next.

Wednesday Apr 12, 2023

William Hearn is the Sales Director for EMEA and RoW at Sendinblue, an all-in-one marketing platform.
The marketing automation market is increasingly crowded, and William discusses how Sendinblue positions itself to stand out amongst competitors. Find out some of the different requirements for B2B and B2C marketers and how B2B can benefit from replicating B2C campaigns.
William also discusses some of the most effective campaigns he has seen and some of the simple techniques that can have a huge impact.

Wednesday Apr 05, 2023

Ruben Vardanyan, Founder and CEO of digital publishing platform Joomag, shares how the traditional PDF has evolved in a more mobile-focused world and how interactive alternatives benefit both marketers and their customers.  
He discusses the increasing requirements marketeers demand from their content, and how thoughtful personalisation leads to higher conversion rates. Find out how to optimise content based on reader behaviour and why we must educate businesses on how the digital world works.

Tuesday Mar 21, 2023

Mark Williams-Cook, Founder of SEO tool AlsoAsked, explains how users can maximise the data provided by Google’s “people also asked” feature and how this information can be useful beyond just SEO.  
He shares his journey to founding AlsoAsked and the advice he would give to someone just starting out in marketing or communications.

Friday Mar 10, 2023

AI has become the hot topic across marketing, raising questions about its potential impact on the industry. Abhi Godara, CEO of Rytr, an AI content generator, shares his thoughts on the future of AI, and explains the technology behind Chat GPT and how other platforms, such as Rytr, build on this technology. He also shares how to get the most out of AI-powered content and why being aware of its limitations is important.

Wednesday Mar 01, 2023

Rena Fallstrom, VP of Communications at Pure Storage, discusses how they adapted the communications strategy as competition in the industry dramatically expanded and how she collaborates with the international team to ensure communications are tailored to each region and no valuable region is ignored.
Discover why working with analysts can be beneficial and hear some top tips on how to build relationships with the analyst community, to ensure a beneficial working relationship.

Wednesday Feb 15, 2023

Mark Stouse, CEO of data analytics platform Proof Analytics, discusses the difference between marketing mix modelling (MMM) and marketing resource management (MRM) and how they can demonstrate the impact of marketing activities on business bottom line.
Mark also explains why it is vital to trust and use math when making marketing decisions and why pressure from the C-suite means this is increasingly important.

Thursday Feb 02, 2023

Karthik Suresh is Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Ignition, a go-to-market platform automating the product launch process.
Karthik explains how noticing a gap in the SaaS market for a tool supporting product marketeers led to Ignition's development. He discusses the pros of working in start-ups versus large corporations, and what marketers should consider when undertaking a product launch.
Karthik also shares how to approach putting together a go-to-marketing plan, from establishing a target audience to communicating the value proposition of a new product. 

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